We Have No Hidden Fees - Our Competitors Charge Extra For the Parent Class and Driver's Ed Certificate


Driver's Education
Classroom instruction (30 hrs) $225  
Driving Lessons (12 hrs) & Observation (6 hrs) $450  
RMV Certificate Fee FREE  
Parent Class (for parents of Ringer's Auto School students) FREE  
Total Cost for Driver's Education   $675
Optional - Road Test Sponsorship for Ringer's Driver's Ed Students $95  

Compare and Save! No Hidden Costs! Other Driving Schools Charge for Parent Classes and RMV Certificates!


Persons Older than 18 Who are Not Driver's Ed. Students
Road Test Sponsorship (includes 15 minute skills brush-up lesson) $100  
Alternate Hours Road Test Registration Fee $20  
Total Cost for Road Test Sponsorship   $120
Private Driving Lessons $50/hr.


Payment Plan Available

First Payment Options (Payment 1 of 3: $225)

To SECURE A SPOT in an upcoming class, you must pay the first payment when you register online or over the phone.

If you wait until the first day of class, and there are still seats available, you may make the first payment on the first day of class.

Second Payment Due at First Road Lesson - Payment 2 of 3: $225

Third Payment Due at 7th Hour of Road Lessons - Payment 3 of 3: $225

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you have made the first payment of $225 before the class begins, and then decide NOT to attend the class, your payment will be credited to your Ringer's Auto School student account. You may attend class in a future session. No Refunds. No Transfers. No Exchanges.

No fees or payments made to Ringer's for private lessons or road test sponsorship are refundable



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