Road Test Sponsorship

We will be assigned a test date in Lynn, MA.



Alternate Hours Road Test Sponsorship

Ringer’s Auto School will provide road test sponsorship for Alternate Hours Road Tests in Lynn, MA. The test will generally take place two to three weeks after you register. The inspectors do the test for our school on their overtime hours (weekend/late afternoon/early morning). We notify those who have registered the time/date/location after the registry receives our test request and as soon as they assign our school a test. You will have 24 hrs. from the time Ringer's notifies you to cancel if the date does not work for you.

There is no guarantee the registry will have examiners available to do an alternate hours test for our school. If the registry denies our request for a test, we will re-apply the following week.


Sponsorship includes a free 15 minute brush up lesson usually the day before the test. This is a skills refresher.


Sponsorship includes the use of a Ringer's Auto School car for the brush up lesson and for the test.


Sponsorship does NOT include a ride. All applicants need to find their own ride to the practice and the test.


Deadline to Register

Friday at 5pm


Cost to Register

$20 Sign Up Fee


Cost for Road Test Sponsorship

$120 payable to Ringer's Auto School

Payment Plan:

$20 to Sign Up,

then, $100 Balance Due by The Day Before the Test

(Ususally at the Brush Up Lesson)

Note: *If you have paid $675 for Ringer's complete Driver's Ed. program, you will receive a $25 discount on road test sponsorship.

Register for Ringer's Alternate Hours Road Test Online or Phone Ringer's Office

1. Fill in the form and press Submit. 2. You will be directed to a Pay Now page. Pay the $20 non-refundable registration fee.

TEST SPONSORSHIP Registration Form

*Submit this form to be directed to a payment options page.




Road Test Questions?

(781) 233-3664

(781) 231-0337

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TO CANCEL A ROAD TEST that Ringer's has scheduled at your request, call or text 781-248-3367 and cancel verbally or by text. Ringer's sponsorship fees are non-refundable. If the phone rings to voice mail, leave a message with your first and last name, stating that you wish to cancel your test. Your message must be received 72 business hours before your scheduled test or the registry will charge you $35. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, the registry will charge you $35.

If you have given Ringer's your permit number, date of birth and name to request a road test, and Ringer's has scheduled your test and notified you of the test date, you must call or text to cancel more than 72 business hours before the test, or the registry will charge you $35


TO CANCEL CLASSROOM ATTENDANCE: If you are unable to attend for any reason, your payment will be credited to your Ringer's Auto School student account. You may attend class in a future session. No Refunds. No Transfers. No Exchanges.